Issues and Stances

Reducing the Size of Federal Government

   - Unnecessary, wasteful and useless federal programs and agencies must be eradicated, which will result in lower taxes and increased prosperity as people will be free to spend their money as they see fit.

   - The federal budget must be reviewed line-by-line to determine where spending should be reallocated and/or slashed.

   - Any legislation that results in deficit spending is to be voted down.

Reducing the Scope of Federal Government

   -  Federal programs and agencies that infringe on individual’s natural rights and autonomy must be eradicated, which will result in more personal freedom and increased quality of life for all, as people will be able to live their lives as they see fit.

   -  Government should not play any role whatsoever in regulating business. A free market, which is not what the current system of crony capitalism purports to be, adjusts quickly and efficiently, and provides higher standards of living for all.

Eliminating Barriers to an Equitable Society

   - The war on drugs results in disproportionate targeting and prosecution of minorities, in addition to a horrible waste of resources and loss of life. This warped policy must be eliminated.

   -  The trend toward increased militarization of law enforcement goes against the principles of liberty, and is counterproductive to achieving safety.  Ending qualified immunity and civil asset forfeiture are necessary to curtail excessive force and abuses.

   - Occupational licensing is an unfair practice that bars individuals of fewer means and connections from starting and engaging in their own enterprises.

   - Freedom of choice in education, including charter schools and involving private enterprise in funding schools, will result in higher standards and innovative teaching methods that can be specialized in accordance with regional differences and priorities.

Defending our Nation

   -  Providing for “the common defense” does not mean America should be on the offense, engaging in overseas missions and imposing our will upon others.

   -  Bringing all of our troops back home will result in improved security, less loss of life, a more peaceful world, and an end to the horrors facing so many of our returning soldiers.


   -  The federal government has no authority nor ability whatsoever to be involved in the healthcare industry.

   -  A free market, including the freedom to purchase insurance across state lines, will result in competition, lower costs and improved quality of care.

Social Security

   - This failed government experiment must be brought to an end by allowing workers to opt out of the system and phasing out benefits over time, as other countries have done successfully.

   - A worker investing their income by utilizing even a conservative savings strategy would end up with a higher retirement income than that paid out by Social Security.

The Second Amendment

   - Citizens' right to defend their lives, rights and property against those who would take them by force - including against tyranny - shall not be infringed.

   - Restrictions will be followed by law-abiding persons and ignored by those who are not, leading to an increase in the number of those who intend to do harm and a decrease in the number of citizens able to defend themselves and others.

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