I’ve always loved the motto of our state of Michigan, “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you.”, as it reminds me of the beauty that we are so blessed to be surrounded with here. However, in “looking around” nowadays, at our country, our society and our world, it’s certainly not beauty that I am seeing. It’s strife. It’s division. It’s ugly.


I, for one, refuse to sit idly by, and watch as a system that was set up with so much promise for freedom be crushed, specifically by the powers that govern us while claiming to know what is in our best interests.


“Those who would reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”, said Thomas Paine. How long have we blindly and complacently put faith in our elected officials to take care of our country, when it is painfully obvious that they have not? And is it because they are incompetent and unable to manage efficiently (in which case, they should be fired), or is it because they are unwilling to work toward compromise and solutions (which is infinitely more disturbing)?


The old, two-party system has given rise not only to gridlock in D.C., but to a nauseating and dangerous divide in which We the People are frustrated and angry, and have begun to turn on one another. “It's not black vs. white; it's not left vs. right; it’s not rich vs. poor; it’s not man vs. woman; it’s not straight vs. gay; it’s us against the state – and if you can’t see that, then they’re winning.” Don’t fall for it any longer.


Libertarianism is not merely a political philosophy. It’s a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of treating others that is based on two principles: the non-aggression principle of opposing “the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals” (in other words, “don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff”), and the principle of self-ownership by which we all have inherent rights to our lives, property, fruits of our labors, thoughts, speech and freedoms, provided that we do not infringe on those same rights of others (in other words, “live and let live”). Simple, basic principles of common decency that, when translated into policies, can and will bring forth solutions to make each of our lives better, and by extension, our communities, our country and our world better.


The choice is yours. Continue voting for the status quo: the red team or the blue team – neither of which is different in their relentless pursuit of enforcing their policies and imposing their will on you, because they, as the "elite", feel that they know better how we should live our lives than we do. And how has our country – our society – improved by seesawing back and forth between these two extremes of coercion: socialism and fascism, both sides of the same coin – dirty money – the pieces of silver by which they enrich and empower themselves, and betray us by robbing us of our earnings and freedoms? 

OR, choose something different: a party whose goal is to reduce and restrain government, to bring liberty back by returning governance to more local levels, to end this continuous meddling in all aspects of all of our lives which creates even more problems and more division. A party with solutions that bring hope, freedom and prosperity. The Libertarian Party.

I ask – no, actually, I beg – you to take the time to at least take a look at Libertarian stances and solutions at I ask you to consider taking the leap to vote for real change, as opposed to “the lesser of two evils” which, as we can clearly see, has done nothing but beget more evil. I ask you to vote with your eyes and your heart and, most importantly, your mind – all open to the possibility that We the People can make a difference through our votes in making this world a better place by choosing to change things by voting in the spirit of hope, determination and mutual respect rather than settling for less than we deserve out of despair and fear. I ask you to look with me to a future that promises so much wonder – if we choose to walk and work together toward the beauty of freedom that we desperately crave, that we inherently deserve, and that we truly can realize – together.